Warning Lights EP Out now!

” Mons [La Hire] offers up a fuzzy indie sound that’s got its own brand of measured aggression, but is ultimately drenched in elegance. This is all capped off by narrative lyrics that had me actually concerned about the subject, which I found both weird and pleasurable.” – The Corvallis Advocate

Mons La Hire is excited to announce our new EP, Warning Lights. Consisting of six original songs written over the course of the last two years, the EP presents a portrait of where we’ve been, artistically and personally, and where we are going.

Songwriting for the EP began with the song Warning Lights, with a first draft of the song being written in February of 2015. Parallels and Timothy Everett have their roots in late 2015 and early 2016. The Garden appeared in a more subdued form on Ad Hoc Ecosystem; this is a complete rerecording and re-imagining of the song more in line with the way it is performed live. Rumors is the newest song on the EP, and was conceived in a jam session with Daniel on guitar and his then-three-year-old son Milo on drums. Moriah just surprised us by arriving during a jam session — the main riff and groove at least. The lyrics took a long time.

Lyrics are always extremely important in Daniel’s songwriting. Although there has been an attempt to keep the lyrics at least somewhat general, they represent deeply personal concerns, fears, and experiences. We hope that you can relate to them too.

But mostly, we just hope you enjoy these songs.


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