“Mons (if I may call them Mons…) offers up a fuzzy indie sound that’s got its own brand of measured aggression, but is ultimately drenched in elegance. This is all capped off by narrative lyrics that had me actually concerned about the subject, which I found both weird and pleasurable.” – The Corvallis Advocate

“The band combines the jangling guitar sounds of artists like The Mountain Goats, My Morning Jacket and Lord Huron with the contentious clash of vocals—similar to Wilco’s Jeff Tweedy.” – The Daily Barometer

“Their music is a crafted collection of instantly memorable melodies that are filled with complex arrangements, sounding like Wilco and Minus The Bear.” – The Daily Barometer

Music Videos


Cover Videos

An experiment in pixelsorting that turned out more processor-intensive than expected – some of the individual clips used here took more than 8 hours to process! Footage is from public domain old film archives from pond5 and from My favorite clips are the wobbly Super-8 clips near the end of the song. The song was recorded by Daniel and Suzanne, the drum beats are from, and the mixing was done by Reddit user u/TheToppa.

Collaboration between Daniel Watkins and Anahelena Goodman-Flood – AGF did all the scenes with animation and more, DW did the shots with people in them (more or less) and did the editing.

Filmed by Daniel Watkins using an iPhone 5s, a couple cheap studio lights, some food coloring, watercolor paints, the bowl from a salad spinner, and the free version of Davinci Resolve.




Filmed by Daniel Watkins using an iPhone 5s. Guest starring Quinn and Nona, with cameos from the band. Filmed on location (sounds fancy that way!) in Corvallis, OR, featuring the fountain at the waterfront, Happy Trails Records, Corvallis Public Library, Interzone Coffee, Chintimini Park, Cloverland Park, and Woodland Meadow Park.

Filmed by Daniel Watkins using an iPhone 5s. Suzanne and Daniel poured paint all over some blue and green painted canvas boards over a tarp in their living room and are lucky that they didn’t leave any permanent stains. Footage from the two canvases were superimposed over leftover footage from the Parallels music video using iMovie.


Warning Lights (2017)
An Ad Hoc Ecosystem (2016)







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