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Past Shows:
06/21/2022 Summer Solstice, Mirkwood Audio, Corvallis, OR
06/11/2022 W/ REST ASHORE and FRIEND OF MY YOUTH, Westminster House, Corvallis, OR
03/12/2022 W/ WYWOLF and VORTEX REMOVER, Infinity Room, Salem, OR
09/02/2021 CorvallUS Festival, Common Fields, Corvallis, OR
07/28/2021 Common Fields, Corvallis, OR
07/10/2021 W/ REBECCA MCDADE, Bombs Away Cafe, Corvallis, OR
07/01/2021 W/ THE WEEKEND GARDENERS, Bombs Away Cafe, Corvallis, OR (Daniel solo)
02/29/2020 W/ JOYPRESS, STONER CONTROL, DAKOTA THIEM, Bombs Away, Corvallis, OR
02/08/2020 W/ The WEEKEND GARDENERS and BEN FERTIG, Philomath, OR
01/11/2020 W/ The MACKS and NOVACANE, Oregon State University, Corvallis, OR
8/15/2019 W/ WHIM and OLIVIA AWBREY, DiMaggio’s, Corvallis, OR
7/11/2019 W/ PA’LANTE, SAGE Summer Concert Series, Corvallis, OR
6/02/2019 W/ JOSH KARSCH, and DUSTY THE GORILLA, White Eagle Saloon, Portland, OR
5/18/2019 Victory Club, Salem, OR
5/12/2019 Sinking City Pop Fest, Nearly Normal’s, Corvallis, OR
5/10/2019 Locals Live @ KBVR-TV, Corvallis, OR
4/26/2019 HALLOWDREAM, Pizza Planet, Eugene, OR
3/30/2019 W/ NEW VICTORIAN, Wildwood Hotel, Willamina, OR
3/26/2019 W/ CAT VALLEY, Mudville Stadium, Corvallis, OR
3/16/2019 W/ BUNNY BOY, SHIFTS, and KATY & THE NULLSETS, Old Nick’s, Eugene, OR
2/02/2019 Callapooia Brewing Company, Albany, OR
1/26/2019 Bombs Away Cafe, Corvallis, OR
11/16/2018 W/ WEST VALLEY SHAKERS, The Brew Station, Cottage Grove, OR
09/15/2018 W/ SB THE MOOR, Bombs Away Cafe, Corvallis, OR
08/09/2018 W/NOVACANE, PASTE and LACUNAS, The Space, Salem, OR
08/08/2018 W/NOVACANE and friends, Horsey House, Corvallis, OR
07/28/2018 W/ HUNTER (Boston), Bombs Away Cafe, Corvallis, OR
06/01/2018 W/ NORTH BY NORTH, Bombs Away Cafe, Corvallis, OR
05/28/2018 W/ NOVACANE and SKI BOY, Horsey House, Corvallis, OR
05/26/2018 Sam Bond’s Garage, Eugene, OR
04/20/2018 W/ CHROMATIC COLORS, Cloud and Kelly’s, Corvallis, OR
03/23/2018 Calapooia Brewing, Albany, OR
03/09/2018 W/ LOUDER OCEANS, Bombs Away Cafe, Corvallis, OR
02/24/2018 W/RUN THE RISK, Mona’s Place (House Show), Corvallis, OR
01/30/2018 W/WAVE ACTION, Interzone Cafe, Corvallis, OR
01/04/2018 W/BRI CAUZ, Bombs Away Cafe, Corvallis, OR (Ida Jane solo) 
11/18/2017 CGE Brew-Off, Corvallis, OR
11/07/2017 Javacoustic, OSU Memorial Union, Corvallis, OR
10/29/2017 W/BRIDES and LAVENDER, The Space, Salem, OR
10/28/2017 Corvallis DIY Halloween Show, Interzone Cafe, Corvallis, OR
10/24/2017 W/ SHAENE PASCAL, KBVR 4th Floor Underground, Corvallis, OR (Daniel Solo)
10/07/2017 W/LOVEJOY and NAUTICULT, Lorax Manner, Eugene, OR
10/01/2017 W/VALLEY QUEEN at Wildwood Hotel, Willamina, OR (Ida Solo)
09/02/2017 W/CHROMATIC COLOR and THE FERENJIS, The Space, Salem, OR
07/29/2017 W/ REBECCA McDADE, Bombs Away Cafe, Corvallis, OR
07/01/2017 W/ ECSTATIC UNION, Cloud & Kelly’s, Corvallis, OR
06/21/2017 Make Music Day, Salem, OR (Ida and Julia)
06/10/2017 Vagabond Brewing, Salem, OR
05/20/2017 W/ ADIEU CARIBOU and THE WRENTED, Interzone Cafe, Corvallis, OR
03/30/2017 W/ BAD SLEEP & DUMB LUCK, Interzone Cafe, Corvallis, OR
03/29/2017 W/ IMPULSE CONTROL, The Boreal, Eugene, OR
03/01/2017 Javacoustic, OSU Memorial Union, Corvallis, OR (Daniel solo)
02/16/2017 Live set on KBVR FM (88.7 Corvallis), 10-11 pm PST (S&D solo)
12/03/2016 W/ PERCY LOUNGE & lots more, The Space, Salem, OR
11/10/2016 W/ DAYS OF HEAVEN, Black Forest Lounge, Eugene, OR
10/15/2016 W/ TIGERS OF YOUTH, Bombs Away Cafe, Corvallis, OR
10/01/2016 W/ CALVIN JOHNSON, Interzone Cafe, Corvallis, OR (Daniel solo)
08/09/2016 Locals Live, KBVR-TV Studio, Corvallis, OR
06/10/2016 CGE BBQ, Avery Park, Corvallis, OR
05/06/2016 THE GREAT COVER UP, Luckey’s, Eugene, OR
02/20/2016 W/ DR NEON and more at Cotton Dog Farm, Corvallis, OR
01/19/2016 W/ BERGEAU NOIR, STEVE HUNTER at Interzone Cafe, Corvallis, OR
12/10/2015 W/ GUIDES at Bombs Away Cafe, Corvallis, OR
10/09/2015 W/ DARREN HENLON at Interzone Cafe, Corvallis, OR (Daniel solo)