Interzone Show 10/09/15

Daniel_interzone1 Daniel_interzone2 Darren_Hanlon_interzone_2 Darren_Hanlon_interzone_1

We had a great time at the show at Interzone last night! Thanks to Sam and Bill and Interzone for getting it put together. I was super excited to finally try out my stereo chorus pedal – I’ve had it for years but never actually plugged in a second amp. I think the two-amp approach was a success — it gave the solo electric guitar a lot more depth and gave some variety as well.


  • Magazines
  • Empty House
  • No Surprises (Radiohead)
  • Ride
  • 16 Tons
  • Start Over

The crowd turned out to make an excellent choir for the bridge of 16 Tons.

Michael Ulm played while I was packing up my gear and hauling it to the car, so I unfortunately only heard two of his songs.

Darren Hanlon’s set was amazing. He’s an Australian folk singer who recently settled in Portland. His lyrics are packed with deft wordplay, wry observations, and insightful character sketches.  Definitely come see him play if you get the chance. He’s great to talk to, as well.