With GUIDES at Bombs Away Cafe

GUIDES is a dynamic 3-piece from Los Angeles specializing in sharp, driving, effects-laden post-punk. They stopped in Corvallis as part of a tour of the Northwest, and we were lucky enough to open for them. They’re super nice people and were a pleasure to talk to. We had a lot of fun with our set as well – Suzanne and I debuted our new Devi Ever fuzz pedals (the Ruiner and the Legend of Bit – they are both amazing, heavy, crazy fuzz boxes), Matt decided he needed a bigger keyboard amp (but distortion is always cool, right?), Charlie blew our minds with wild effects and loops and some solid soloing on Current Events and 16 Tons, and Patrick kept us grounded with his solid beats throughout the show, navigating the time signature changes of Paranoid Android with ease. The crowd made for an excellent choir on the bridge of 16 tons.

Set list:

Empty House
Current Events
Reptilia (The Strokes)
Start Over
16 Tons (Merle Travis / Made famous by Tennessee Ernie Ford)Shadow Wolves
Paranoid Android (Radiohead)

A few photos for you: The blue and green smoke pics are GUIDES, then there’s Matt at the keys, and a photo from rehearsal from a couple days before the show.

And just because it is an absolutely perfect music video, here’s the Strokes with Reptilia:


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