RPM Challenge / Show!

The end of the month is closing in! We’re making good progress though, and I have high hopes that we’ll have some rad music for you at the end of the month. Quite a bit of variety as well – you should be able to hear some touches of Radiohead, Belle and Sebastian, Ben Folds, Wilco, and Death Cab for Cutie in these songs.

Lyrics are coming along. I’m still going through piles of books to get phrases. Here’s a sample lyric:

Stripped in the darkness to the skin
He had left the great seance
That ghost of passion
The last of the dandelions
In your paradise
In circles and jagged lines
In this huge night

In other news, we have a show on Saturday at Cotton Dog Farm! We’re pretty excited. I have a pile of new stickers with the below design. Having a lot of fun with Futura these days. We’ll be giving these out like Halloween candy at Saturday’s show.

That’s all for now!monslahire.vowels

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