An Ad Hoc Ecosystem – Album Release!

Mons La Hire’s debut album, An Ad Hoc Ecosystem, is now available for download from We are thrilled with how it turned out and are super excited for you to hear it.

The lyrics were composed from sentence fragments pulled from a long list of books. The list below is intended to be complete; we’ll update it if we notice an omission. I’ll be putting the lyrics up on Bandcamp soon. See if you recognize anything!


A Moveable Feast – Hemingway
The House at Pooh Corner – Milne
Holes – Sachar
The Giver – Lowry
Death Comes for the Archbishop – Cather
The Drunkards Walk – Mlodniow
Being Good – Yui
The Rubu’iyat of Omar Khayyam
Confessions of St. Augustine
Fahrenheit 451 – Bradbury
The October Country – Bradbury
The Life of Pi – Martel
New York Times, 2/2/12
The Bridge of San Luis Rey – Wilder
Horoscopes for the Dead – Collins
Good poems for hard times – ed. Keillor
Alan Mendelssohn. the Boy from Mars – Pinkwater
Selected poems by Wallace Stevens
Ballistics – Collins
The Hungry Ear – Poems About Food (compilation)
Brave New World – Huxley
Beginners – Carver
Candide – Voltaire
Conversations – Aira
West with the Night – Markham

Happy listening!

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