Happy new year, etc!

It’s a brand new year, and probably a good time for an update. We’ve been busy over the last few weeks working on our new EP. Which may turn out to be a full-length album, I’m not sure. We’ve finished writing 6 songs and have a good start on recording them. We’re looking at a May release, possibly a little earlier. I’m really excited with how the songs are coming along. Here’s a list of what will be on the album for sure:

Moriah (In The Land of Milk and Honey)
Rumors (working title)
Warning Lights
Timothy Everett (Is Late For Work)
The Garden (new and improved version)

A couple things to be excited about, other than some solid songs coming soon. One is that Rebecca Watkins, an artist based in Provo, UT, will be doing the cover art as a linocut print, printing directly onto blank cardboard Digipak sleeves. So when you buy the album, it will be a real art print rather than inkjet.

Second, I’ve been talking to some directors and it looks like we’ll have a few music videos for you by the time the album comes out. At least one video will feature collage animation. I might try out some rotoscoping as well. I am sure that we will need some extras – message us on Facebook if you’d like to participate!


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